HASU sushi

Hasu sushi is participating in government eat out to help scheme. We are experiencing high volume of reservations. Please call 02087528966 for dine in availability.  


Sushi start with Nigiri and Maki set. The traditional sushi set of Salmon, Tuna, sea bass, mackerel, octopus and prawn (if available during locked down period) Nigiri accompanied with salmon avocado maki is the best option. Don’t forget to put wasabi in the soy sauce and to eat ginger to cleanse your mouth so that you can taste the real freshness of the fish.

Soft Shell Crab roll is one of the popular Hasu Special Rolls. The deep fried crispy crab is rolled with mixed salad, cucumber and topped with spicy mayonaise & Kabayaki sauce.

83. softshellcrab roll png
Soft shell crab roll


Tuna tartar looks more like a beautifully crafted dessert. The tuna is mixed with spicy mayonnaise and topped with Ikura, Salmon roe, and Tobiko, flying fish roe.  Designed for appetizer to began a fresh dinning.

Tuna Tartare

For freshness and delicious, Don’t forget Kaiso salad, mixed seaweed. There are many types of eatable seaweed, but these are the best.

Kaiso Salad

Hasu’s dragon roll is legendary in Acton. Vibrant, colourful and spectacular to look at, and the taste is even better. The rolls are filled with crispy tempura prawn wrapped in nori, sliced avocado, cucumber and tobiko and drizzled with eel sauce.

Dragon Roll

Feeling raw, try Hasu sashimi set. The taste of the fishes are connected each other. You will forget everything but the smooth movement of your mouth. Because they go softly and dissolved easily. We wish we can get many varieties of fishes in this locked down period.


Hasu Sashimi Set

Bento Boxes are famous for variety.  Here is a lunch box Chicken teriyaki bento box with two sides, Agadashi tofu and Edamame. if you come in the afternoon, it is one of 20 options of lunch deal £10. Many other lunch options from £6.5 are available including Sushi sets, Chicken Katsu curry and so on. Don’t forget you can have Sake anytime of the day because it is so easy to drink.

Bento box
Bento Box

RAINBOW ROLL is served with different fishes, avocado and seafood stick.


Please see our full menu here.

Good Luck!