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Bill Bailey mentioned about ‘HASU SUSHI’ in ‘The guardian’.


3 | Restaurant
Hasu Sushi, Acton, west London

My family are all big fans of Japanese food and this is quite new and local to us, in an unassuming part of Acton. A lot of the time Japanese food is very fresh, it looks beautifully presented, but they’ve gone the extra mile here with things we’d not seen before: snow crab and these wonderful dragon rolls, which are sushi rolls with extra spice. I think the chef and his wife are from Burma, so it’s a different take on things. Japanese food goes very well with another element added to it, with a different interpretation, and this is what Hasu Sushi does. The food is just knockout.

Opening Time

                                               Lunch                                                  Dinner                        

Monday                  12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Tuesday                  12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Wednesday              12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Thursday                12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Friday                      12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Saturday                 12:00am  –  15:00pm                  17:00pm – 23:00pm
Sunday                    13:00pm  –   15:00pm                  17:00pm – 22:00pm

Delivery free of charge (min order £20)

Monday                  17:00pm – 22:00pm
Tuesday                  17:00pm – 22:00pm
Wednesday              17:00pm – 22:00pm
Thursday               17:00pm – 22:00pm
Friday                     17:00pm – 22:00pm
Saturday                17:00pm – 22:00pm
Sunday                   17:00pm – 22:00pm

Please Call us on 02087528966, We can tailor your order. You might even get discount or some special treats!!!!!

We accept VISA, MASTER & American Express card payments.

You can also order through Just Eat & Hungry house.

We deliver Acton W3, Ealing W5, Chickwick W4, W12   within 3 miles radius

We can cater for a variety of events and private parties. Exclusive hire of our restaurant is available. For total privacy or business lunches, down stair cozy room can be hired alone or with the main restaurant.

For large orders and far addresses, please give us more time.

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